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About Sarah

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Yoga has been part of my life on and off for a long time, my mum is a yoga teacher and apparently I used to wiggle around on her mat when I was a baby. I now have two wonderful, energetic boys. Being a parent is rewarding but challenging! My yoga practice has helped me through some tricky times (#lockdown) and continues to do so.

Time on my mat provides me with time and space to move, breathe, pause, and reflect. Those little pauses help provide perspective when life begins to feel like a bit like a hamster wheel, and help me handle things better in all my relationships. I notice (and so does my family!) I can handle challenges better, be more present as a parent, and have more patience even when I've had 10 minutes on my mat to move or meditate.

Before starting a family I worked in the corporate world but decided to leave my desk to spend time with them and completed my YTT with Gingi Lee and Kath Roberts, guest teachers Norman Blair, Ruth Westoby, (and more). I've also trained in Yin Yoga with Norman Blair, Anatomy with Stu Girling and Melanie Cooper, and CPD with Adam Husler. I currently practice online with Inna Constantini and Joey Miles.

I teach a dynamic vinyasa / ashtanga based class with a focus on alignment to build stability and strength, and pranayama (breathwork) to calm the mind. 

I also teach nursery school children, and feel very passionately about them having a positive association with yoga, having fun, moving and learning very simple mindfulness techniques, I love these classes, but they're my most exhausting classes of the week!

Yoga is so much more than just asana (postures). I truly believe there's yoga in some form out there for everyone.

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