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I've dabbled with the occasional yoga class before, but it's never 'clicked' for me before. Either its been too hard, or I've not felt a connection with the person leading the class. I can honestly say that with Sarah, I've finally found a formula that works and that I feel committed to. No matter what your ability, you feel a really personal sense of progression and achievement with Sarah. She really facilitates you to do the class in a way that's right for you. From the warm welcome at the start, through all the potential variations to push to whatever level works for you, you are nurtured and cared for by Sarah from start to finish. I can't think of a better way to spend an hour looking after myself a week!

Hannah, Hitchin

Sarah is a wonderful yoga teacher, she is very kind, attentive, listens to each Individual and their needs and is very knowledgeable. Sarah has gone that extra mile to set up a local class in our neighbourhood, which has helped many people in so many ways, especially at this difficult time. Thank you for helping us all to relax, listen to our bodies, unwind, relieve stress and sleep better. I really enjoy Sarah’s classes and would highly recommend, you won’t be disappointed!

Louise, Hitchin

Sarah’s classes are friendly, calm and relaxing. I’m one of those that struggles to attend every week, yet Sarah’s clear guidance and inclusive nature always leaves me feeling welcome and never out of my depth. Sarah’s consistent approach quickly becomes familiar and by the end of her class, balance is restored to a chaotic brain. Thank you!

Jane, Hitchin

Sarah has been teaching yoga to the Butterfly Class at Tilehouse Street Pre-School and Nursery since the start of the academic year. The children look forward to her sessions and have benefited greatly from them. 
We have worked together to improve the childrens balance and core strength as well as building confidence in communication and listening skills.  
Sarah has been amazing at understanding the needs of building on the EYFS and has incorporated ideas into her lessons to allow the children to develop through music, movement and free expression. Sessions are always fun, energetic and something to look forward to.
Sarah is always inclusive of different abilities and levels of understanding which she manages with total skill and professionalism. I would highly recommend her classes. We are very proud to have her as an ongoing addition to our setting.

Tilehouse Street Nursery, Hitchin

Sarah’s yoga is well worth it! My little boy (4) has been doing yoga with Sarah for nearly a year and raves about how much fun he has in every session. He’s learning new things without even knowing it and that’s how the best teachers teach. Sarah is so warm and lovely and my son absolutely loves her and the yoga!

Beth, Hitchin

Sarah's Vinyasa flow class is brilliant and I look forward to what feels like a full body massage each week which we do overlooking the Pegsdon hills with stunning sunset too! Sarah always takes the time to suggest alternative poses and the class is welcoming and friendly.

Anonymous, Hitchin

I’d only ever tried yoga once before and didn’t enjoy it. BUT as soon as I started Sarah’s classes I became hooked and I’m now a regular participant at Wednesday ashtanga with Sarah. She is a brilliant teacher who is patient,  knowledgeable and really takes time to help you with your postures. I can honestly say I’m now a yoga addict and it’s all because of Sarah!

Lizzie, Hitchin

I am a keen runner and am plagued by weak glutes and tight hip flexors. I have attended some of Sarah's other classes more for their mental health benefits, so thought I would try this for a more sports focused practice. The classes are totally different to more traditional yoga, very focused on paying attention to those parts of the body we use and neglect as runners, cyclists etc. It feels more sporty as a class and I love that the timing marks the start of the wind down to the weekend.

Hannah, Hitchin

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